Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beautilful Blouses from French Boutique Houses

Im in love with Lilian Burty, although I don't know who she is.....
I've tried to research her but nothing.
Our donor collector of fine everything, says Lilian and her husband had a little shop in Paris were they created beautiful things.
They split-up, the business was lost.
So girls, here is one of the remaining pieces from this designer.

A lovely extra detail, an elegant little tie.
Size 38 or 5-6

From Designer "Serge Nancel" out of Paris
This designer was one a group of French boutique labels that society ladies adopted as favs.
This piece has a nice flow like you would have with silk but it's easy care poly.
Machine wash. Black + white leopard with yellow detail.

Circa 1980's
Size 38


yenting said...

Hi Apt909!!

It's Jessica Chen here. I moved to Seattle some months back and I miss you guys lots. Been checking your blog though and it's always a pleasure to see your beautiful finds.

I am really interested in buying this shirt if it hasn't already been picked up. Would it be possible to paypal you for it? E-mail me at, would love to hear back. Beautiful piece!


yenting said...

Btw, it's the yellow and black/white shirt I am referring to ;)