Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Holy Mountain "Gakuen Temple" (鰐淵寺)

This is the mountain where I talk about....

It needs over this mountain.....

First of all, I leave a car and going to inside mountain

There is nature water from top of mountain it's very clean and nice cool temperature.

The road is very small, It's not even enough size of one small car.
I think it would take more time to get goal....

The wood is everywhere, and every woods are tall and huge.

From here, it's like more inside rock.
It feels like going to inside cave.
There is dropping water all over the rock from top of hill.

It looks almost there.....I don't feel tired because of air is so fresh.

Finally....wait a min....this is still gate....

There is very chill atmosphere, but it's very unusual...what is this atmosphere?

Take more stair.....main temple is almost there....

Finally, I got there.
Gakuen Temple (鰐淵寺) main temple since 594.
So many monk who couldn't belong to usual group went to receive one's training here.
This temple is so deep inside mountain and hidden because of these monk had ahead mind....
One of famous one named "Benkei".

It has totally different air, time, and color.
Aesthetic is really beautiful and unique here.

This huge bell is from 1188.

Usually, this holy mountain trip would finish but real underground spot is from right now.
Some really old Japanese temple has another temple to protect main temple.
The road is not properly at all, and it's located behind main temple.

This is entrance.

This is is top of mountain.
All water comes from here.

Air, Time, Color, Aesthetic everything are different.
I think I learned and inspired so many thing totady....

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audrey said...

These are beautiful Dai! Thanks for sharing.