Thursday, July 31, 2008

Before coming to August...

We keep looking for "creme de la creme".....
There is a lot of creme the people haven't noticed yet.
Maybe in far away...or.....around you.....
What is creme? ...You don't know. I don't know either....
But we can feel it.
We think that's a mission to find creme and show you.
We start to look for creme of the voyage for 909 collection of 08'Fall-09winter.
"一期一会"......ICHIGOICHIE,means "chance of a life time" in japanese proverb.
We're going to have creme piece what make you feel "一期一会" for new season.
At same time, we still keep doing "still life".
And also new project is coming soon....
Thank you...We appriciate you......à bientôt !

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Miu miu open toe great heel shoes

These are heel of the heel.
When you put on them, you can feel beauty of power as wave from your toe to top of head.
After that, you can see what's going on the mirror.
Dark black, beautiful curving of the heel remind witch......
You feel these are heel of the heel.
Miu miu was opened as casual line of the Prada fashion house in 1992 and headed by Miuccia Prada.
The name of the collection is taken from Miuccia Prada's nickname.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

pretty flowers!!

we've got to stop and smell the proverbial roses once and a while and every time i do i remember why i should.last night,after my partners finally dragged me away from tagging etc we attended a fabulous dinner-hang out with our friends and business associates,"saving grace"and "ela's uncle", it was great actually spending time outside of business hours together and the food,damn fine food but by the line-ups outside of my friends shops you all know that already.we at 909 are very lucky too have such talented,kind and interesting roses.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Vintage high-end tie!

It's not even to see it.
It's to feel it. That's the color.
We've been looking for that color.
You can see color that the eyes can't catch.
That's a "aura"....
That color makes you comfortable, powerful, beautiful, stylish.
2nd skin......
I think so many that color exsit on something.
On the building.... On the ground.....
We keep looking for this color on the fashion.
These are that color on a "tie".
Please come to feel them.

1940's dog hand painted tie
100% silk
$ 85.00

1960's Yves Saint Laurent silk tie

1960's Yves Saint Laurent silk tie

1970's Liberty flower pattern cotton tie

1975's Liberty flower pattern wool tie
$ 65.00

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Photo shooting of "still life" with ORANGE

We had photo shooting with Japanese art group "ORANGE" yesterday.
We've collected a dress with following concept called "still life" having works of fashion as works of art.
we put on models those cream dresses. Photo will be great for sure. We update those pictures on our blog soon.
Look foward to see pictures. Thank you.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vintage straw bag

It's necessity of summer. When it's sticky day in summer, makes you going to picnic.
"Joie du vivre".....
We recommend these kids today.
It's good for going to festival. It's good for going to shopping,too.
You take them to a lots of place.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

70's Pierre Cardin alligator skin purse

One of great designer in Paris "Pierre Cardin" made in 70's.
You've never seen this quality and condition.
When you go out with this, you would feel everybody look at you.

size 23.5cm / 10cm
$ 450.00

40's GUCCI snake skin bag

This is a bag of the bag!
In 40' the time when they're not world like now.
But there was already this kind of great bag in the world.
Still beautiful,powerful...."Still life".
When you take a look this bag. You can see...You can feel how cream is this.
"creme de la creme"...........

circa 40's GUCCI snake skin purse
Inside suede
$ 750.00

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pink! Green! Blue! Pink! Pink!

it's super hot today. Everyone seem like melted.
But don't say " too hot", you can say "very hot" otherwise Hell(winter) is coming.
By the way... We got nice pieces that can blow sticky weather away.
Great women's silk shirt and reversible silk wrap skirt.
Both of them pink and blue.

70's "FAB" tray

This monument to Canadian ingenity in design,
the handcrafted "fab" tray, was created in the 70's by hardy-glenwood of Barrie Ontartio.
These were a very popular item, until the 70's oil crisis pushed the price of the poly resin up and the company stopped
producing trays. They quickly became a collectible.

43.5 cm/17.5 DIA $65.00
9,5 DIA $ 35.00

Beautiful vase.

When you can't think of what to get for someone special,
a beautiful art glass vase is always appropriate.
This blown glass piece is a triple threat-great craftmanship,
artistic use of colour and greeeeat texture on the exterior.

Great color vase

50's beads neckless + earring

Super wicked cool piece of vintage jewelry.
Black acrylic polished + cut multisized beads with transparent raspberry blue lucite
"chunk" + large rectangular matching earrings with circular opening detail.

great condition
$ 185.00

80's NIKE cycling jersey

There isn't a sport that NIKE doesn't cover.
Tihis cycling jersey from the 80's combines NIKE's bike graphic a half
body of poly / cotton mesh with bright pink and green.

80's NIKE cycling jersey
size L
$ 25.00

70's short sleeve shirt

Please hold your hand!! It reminds water pipe.
Try to find beginnig of pipe. It's nice colour combination. It goes with any kind color bottoms.
If you want to wear something unique. Why don't you try this.

Poly short sleeve shirt
size M
$ 45.00

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Patchwork cotton jacket
size L
$ 250.00

60's geometric style print w/ ringer t-shirt
100% Baumwolle cotton
size L

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We recommend great artist today.
When we met them at first time,
We completely thought they're out of here.
Their arts freak us out !!
Just only they can see special vision. Just only they can create special atmosphere.
That's what we felt at first time. And also we felt their attractiveness.
There is also "beauty" in their arts. This is sympathy to one of beauty.
Enjoy in their world !!!

Winston hacking

Jeff Garcia

50's cocktail dress

In night.... Even though dark, you can see this without light.
It's beautiful pink. It's not belong red and purple.
You can have good time with this dress in night.
50's cocktail silk dress
size 5-6
$ 220.00

70's Emilio Pucci dress

Weather gets better.
Everyone go out a lot.
On beach side. Why don't you have a sandwich with this dress?
You can hear sound of beach.....
70's Emilio Pucci for Formfit Rogers
Grecian styling sleeveless dress
size 5-6

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

60's Italian dress

There is movement in dress.
Hope, wish, dream of designer.
When you put this on you, makes you wearing like air.
That has life in silent..... You can have this power with dress.
60's made by conferioni Milano
silk-cotton blend fubric

80's silk dress

She was born in 80's...She was unknown....
But she had great "Aura".
Time was passed...Sensitivity to the spirit of the time was change.
Still has aura now. It won't never stop.
We introduce that kind of great dress.
80's Long sleeve silk dress
waist : 27
open bust : 36
$ 140.00

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vintage high-end


About apt 909

Nestled beside a launderette and some of the best breakfast Toronto has ever tasted,is our Apt 909. Trying to always live up to our reputation, we're trying to keep 909's racks filled with designer vintage clothing and accessories for men and women including the likes of vivienne westwood,ungaro,chanel,pucci,helmet lang,J.P.G,dior and yves saint laurent to name just afew.
We're also always looking for the "cream" vintage from hats to footwear and in all sizes.
beautiful vintage never goes out of style.