Friday, June 19, 2009

Sexy summer looks from Loubarok and Nina at Apt909

Oh, man! Another "what's a girl to do" shoe.
Made in Spain by "Nina".
Some of the cutest shoes, we have seen are labelled "Nina". The quality is way above average.

These fabulous mules, circa 1980's in red leather with cut-out leather-work that allows the white leather lining to show through, in polka-dots....
Large bow detail, also dotted, with the heel covered in red leather on a stiletto heel.
It really doesn't get cuter than this!
Size 5 1/2

From "Loubarok" Paris and made in France in 44% wool 2% Lycra for comfort, and 54% poly for easy care and no wrinkles circa 2007....
A great shape we find very slimming! Attention is focused at the top of the piece, around the neckline in a big, wide cowl-neck moving to the slimmest part, at the mid-bottom around the hip to hem.
Even through the piece is not vintage we wanted to make it available to you anyway as its a great, simple design totally modern easy travelling and very versatile in this seasons new pastel, new black, e.t.c.
size 5-6

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sporty Summer Styling @ Apt909

A classic little tennis dress circa 1970's.
Made in the crown colony of Hong Kong from "Mondessa" in 100% polyester easy care, easy clean.
It's a sexy little number beautifully fit'd through the body with stripes of pink as straps and through the body.
The fabric is waffled and a big penguin playing tennis detail.
The skirt is a micro mini.
Size 3-6

Adorable little white cotton tennis dress from "Haymaker LACOSTE" and made in the former British crown colony of Hong Kong, circa 1970's-80's. Produced in waffled cotton and detailed in rib'd deep blue and piped in green. Caution, Though, if you put it on at home with your other half, you will never make it out of the house. Sleeveless 'A' line mini tennis dress, in size small.

From Sweden, by sports wear giants "Tretorn" silver foiled hi-top with quilted body lined in light grey felt.
Lots of over stitching detail infers good quality.

Yes, it's true, you could carry your passport and your important papers in your hand. But with these dandy details, why would you want to. In calfskin with nice brass zip detail a beautiful luxury detail. Circa 1940's-50's

Thursday, June 4, 2009