Friday, January 29, 2010

Future Heirloom from Fab Toronto, circa 1980

An amazing little art work of art.
Made by Toronto artist, A.S., circa 1980 (signed + dated) + purchased at Toronto's select shop, "Fab".
"Fab" was one of Queen St. West's most important + stylish select shops, dictating what Toronto's fashionista would be wearing, if you could afford to as Fab's prices were totally unreasonable.
I had several friend's who either worked there, or tried to get work there, for the discount. Peter the owner was generous and gave staff 50% off or even sometimes for free. He wanted his staff looking great.
"Fab" is definitely one of the reasons Queen St. W developed the way it did, making the street one of downtown's more expensive rents.
They showcased Toronto's artist when few others would, allowing for this piece to be seen + bought.

This piece:
Made from outer pocket watch casing + inner watch parts, The piece was created using found objects, i.e clock guts + acrylic dancing girl.

The piece would serve you well mounted as art rather than being worn as a pin + could be untilized by everyone that way.

A very special little work of art.
1980 Artisan
Clock Sculpture work

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

May All Your Moods Be Blue

Here's hoping your mood is always good.
A good mood (or at lease warm hands) make for the prettiest colours on this "Mood" ring.
The "stone" is set in sterling silver and stamped making it one of the very early editions.
Later, this ring would enjoy iconic status + could be found everywhere.
But not in silver.

Circa 1980's

Monday, January 18, 2010

To Honour and Give Thanks

Made from horn + fresh water pearls mounted on silver bars.
This piece should be hard to come by now as tusk, horn + certain skins are illegal to hunt or kill for their pelts, any part + good.
So it should be, but for all that has gone before, these animals + this material should be properly honored in a vintage capacity if possible + or recycled + reused.
This so no creature big or small be used thoughtlessly or carelessly.
So wear in good health + remember to give thanks to the great spirit + to the spirit of this animal.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Real Dandy,Daddy.

"Classic Dandyism" is the mantra at Apt909 and from the fashion editors at HUGE(Japan's fashion-forward mag for men).
This piece is the "must have" wardrobe addition for our confident man of style.
Suave is the only word for how you'll look in this circa 60's smoking jacket.
Ask us how you can work this jacket to maximum effect-remember "Dandyism" is a very good thing!!

Size 40/42

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mr.Miyake,I Presume?

Another fantastic piece we are proud to be able to bring you from one of Japan's fathers of modern fashion,Issey Miyake.
Mr.Miyake can be found in many of the world's finest modern museums including New York city's MoMa.
Now as far as collecting is concerned,i think Issey is a great idea and is already in demand from past collections.This piece,in black and white is a combination of monastic meets school marm.Made from a combination cotton that feels "brushed",the fabric will of course be made by Issey Miyake as that is what put him in modern museums and why he is so special.You'll find the collection,"Pleats,Please"where he has created a new pleat sensitive material for example.
Circa 1989~90

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ski Sexy,Or Go Home.

This vintage "Original Moriarty" sweater is very "ski instructor sexy"!
Super warm but not bulky.
You get great style and fit with this slim straight cut.
Hand fashioned of 100% wool in Stowe Vermont in a fantastic but rarely seen rich bold vintage colour combo stripping pattern.
Raglan sleeves and crew-neck complete the Varsity details.
A must for the Apt909 L'ecole des artes wardrobe.
For the casual/beat look that's been knocking around from Kerouac to Cobain!
For Beconta Inc.

Size Large Long 42/44

Size Medium