Saturday, January 31, 2009

Apt 909 2009 S/S L'ecole des arts....8hole Dr.Marten's + 70's sneakers

The 1970's saw many changes,
politics,the social climate + Religon,all affect fashion(gone) going, going...
Flower power, free love + sharing usher'd out by short choppy hair,pierced faces,tight drainpipe pants,ankle boots that came to a sharp point affectionally called "cockroach killers", + tight skinny, probably ripped somewhere, t-shirt...oh, and motorcycle leather, black...
Welcome 1980's + "Regannomics", "Thatcher"izm, "The Age of Aquarius" has "no future".

Punks + skins + they revived the Dr.Marten, a working class boot.
These are from "Dr.Marten" + are of course, British.
They are an 8 hole piece. The base color is an airbrush'd or "spray paint" look red + has an (60's style) illustration in black of London type things.
Circa 1980's
Women's size 9
Men's 70's sneakers.....

What a color!! Circa 1970's
ADIDAS, or....As we'd say in high school, "All Day I Dream About Sex"
The name of the shoe is "TRX" + made in West Germany nylon uppers with suede,a beautiful blue + detail'd with lemon yellow stripes.
size 10

These beauties are from "Puma"(the proud owners of Tretorn) + are circa 1971 mesh + suede running sneaker with waffle out sole + original 100% cotton shoe laces.
In shades of blue they are a totally collectable.
Size 10 1/2 + circa 1971.
Wicked then, wick'd now.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentine's day gift....1970's "il faro" sweater dress

One of my fav's, sweater dress, circa 1970's.
We have two, from designers Claire Haddad from America + il Faro from Italy.
This piece from "il faro" in wool with rust color gradations.
The collar,cut in a 'V'shape, in chocolate ribbed large 'V'.
It's actually a diamond shape with one of the points opened over at the (K) neck line + detail'd with a knit brading + tassle.
The sleeves are long and fit'd with ribbing at the wrists.
The body of the piece is long + gently fit'd along the body.
The knit woven "stripes" are vertical + slimming and comes mid calf.
Size 3-4

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentine's day gift....90's piercing + 90's glass ring + 60's silver bracelet

Layered acrylics in lime,emerald + moss with pearl tips.
These cylinders give the idea of a stretched hole but are a stopper with the back + front fitting together + are even in size.
Circa 1990's gained popularity with the resurgence of piercing.

Awesome! Really! We couldn't let this one go by.
This clear glass ring with little Japanese Kingyo(GOLDFISH) in blown glass sets into the glass.
I can't date it but I'd say probably circa 1990's.

Super delicate style, super well made piece.
This bracelet is sprling silver + stamp'd with mother of pearl in lay.
The piece is hinged + closes with a clip lock simple,
classic design probably southwest U.S.A or Mexico circa 1960's.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Art of vintage clothing house "Hello/Texas" in Tokyo,Japan

One of the foremost fashion spot "Harajuku,Tokyo".
There is a vintage clothing store where is first specialty store of vintage t-shirt in japan.
The name is "Hello/Texas".....

It's located "裏原宿(off Harajuku st)" where is mecca of mecca of Japanese street fashion.
They opened in November 2008 with a concept that vintage t-shirts are a kind of Pop art and should be enjoyed by wearing.
1970's-80's graphic t-shirt that have been exhibited and selected from around the world.

They have many t-shirts from different genres including music, sports, motorcycles and movies. Fits are coordinated with current styles. T-shirt graphics and material are always carefully selected.
Like a curated gallery, 60 t-shirt pieces have been carefully selected.
This new space is constructed from old materials and takes into account the original dimensions and its with influence with music and art.

Displayed on the wall is a 1964 MARTIN D-28 and a 1958 FENDER MUSICMASTER.
Their artistic atmosphere is totally different from a regular vintage clothing shop.

101 Maison Harajuku
4-25-3 Jingumae,Shibuyaku
Tokyo,Japan 150-0001
Open 11:30 Close 19:30
Phone: +81-3-6804-1147

Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentine's day gift....1940's silksatin crepe dress by "Crane Abrams"

Oh my goodness.....
Everytime I look at this piece,
I can't believe myeyes perfect vintage.

The neck is high + round,
the shoulder pad'd + sq + the silvers
long fit'd + then at the wrist 5 cover'd
buttons with loop closures.

The bodice is loosely fit'd to hip
where you will find two pleats detail
in middle front at waist detail
in middle front at waist + falling down
wider + looser.

The skirt is long + ample of fabric
but still hangs straight + slim + comes
to point + middle front.

Circa 1940's from designers,
tailor'd by "Crane Abrams"
in a silksatin crepe that has
a woven pattern of dancers in formal
dancewear all over the dress.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentine's day gift....1920's glass neckless+cufflinks

We could not leave this piece behind its not stamp'd or mark'd unfortunately,
but judging from the craftsmanship + materials, it very well the 1920's-1930's.
The knotting work was very popular for the time.
The silk cords color + fade subsquently + laurge solid pieces of glass beading.
An amazingly beautiful piece.

Parrot design in sterling silver(stamp'd) + worked in slate + tourquoise stone .
Probably mexican + circa 1960's with flip lock design on cufflinks.

These shockingly detail'd cufflinks are believe it or ng,
from the aztec calendar + have tiny little details engraved in its circle.
They are silver + are stamp'd + are made in Mexico + are sign'd by the maker.
Circa 1950's the face is silver, the posts are not.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Valentine's day gift....1940's hand mirror

Darkened ivory lucite, the lucite material has with age changed color + darkened.
This hand mirror is circa 1940's + made by "Laurelton Amerith" U.S.A.
It's mint condition

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The masterpiece of Dirk Schö Apt909

Apt909 is please to offer current designers who bring not only great style, but culyural influences to their clothing.
Dirk Schönberger was born in cologne, Germany and attended the esmod fashion school in Munich,receiving his degree in 1992.
Around 1996 Dirk Schönberger created his own label "Dirk Schönberger Men+women",in Antwerp Belgium.
In 2005, He became creative director at "Joop!" besides various creative projects, such as the dsign of Mick Jagger's and Keith Richard's "40 Links" world tour,
as well as Bono's "elevation" world tour,Dirk Schönberger, as guest professor, has also lectured at the royal college of art, in London, and the "Universität der Künste", Berlin.
His collections have touched on style themes and concepts that we at Apt909 are inspired by. Schönberger places a strong emphasis on construction, Pleating and folding his fabrics.
Proportion is important,too. He dedicated a collection to a modern-century Kerouacs who might still be willing to crash through frontiers.
Schönberger looked back unto the 50's, The time of the original "beat generation" writers, more for their philosophy than their way of dressing.
For his spring 2003 collection, a black T-shirt sent a message in white lettering "War is over, if you want it".
Schönberger isn't afraid to mix and match....and make even the most colourful flourishes look as normal as high street convevtion.
His eye for details and tailoring skills cannot be denied.
His vision for menswear might not follow the current trend, yet his originality stands out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Street style @ apt909 Jan,07,09 + Info of New stuff

1940's Japanese coat....All silk and flower pattern by velvet

1970's Swedish cotton ski jacket....beautiful blue...Blue gradation

Monday, January 5, 2009

l'ecole des arts.....2009 S/S Apt909 selection

We started to select new our product of 2009 S/S.
In this time, we follow concept "l'ecole des arts" to select product.
We focus Material,color and silhouette.
Material(infomation of coming from skin)-------------> Sculptor
Color(pattern of a fabric,balance of the color)---------> Painter
Silhouette(shape of a clothing,function,structure)----> Architect
We show type of poncho,cape a-line "silhouette" and great "material"and"color"today.

1940's-50's Mexican wool Jacket. Pockets + cuffs all embroider'd in black.
Size 7-8 $125.00

1960's blanket coat from Lapp Lander. It's made in Scotland by Johnstons of elgin for Fiord Cliffs. 100% virgin wool. Size M $140.00

1960's oatmeal with brown sugar color'd wool poncho.
Size free $75.00

1960's wool wrap poncho. Wraps around the shoulders + neck into a large luxurious scarf.Size Free $50.00

1950's-60's blue tartan cape. It's reversable in red. $110.00
1950's wool + cotton blue tartan gloves. Made in England. Size 7 $45.00