Thursday, May 21, 2009

You know your looking at an excellent shoe when your not sure if it was designed last month or in this case, 40 years ago.
These beauties from Parisian designer "MAUD FRIZON".
In the 1970's + 80's easily one of the top five, Maud Frizon was worn by the wealthiest + most fashionable.
This little sandal is tone on tone emerald, chartruse + mustard in very fine leather that is lined in another natural color'd leather in a cross hatch design + sole'd in leather with the heel in a wedge shape.
The heel is also stack'd leather....
Size 22 Aprox. 5 1/2

An extremely well made piece from the collection "RIVE GAUCHE" (left bank) of Paris's Yves Saint Laurent. In a cotton linen + mustard leather in classic low heel'd stilleto pump with over stitch'd detail + stitch on sole also leather with a stack'd leather heel circa 1990's.
Made in Italy
Size 35 or 6 1/2

Superior quality, these shoes must have cost a fortune to produce.
Absolutely, right down to the weight, a 1940's style shoe.
In grey leather with cut out wave on an open toe sling back lined in brown leather.
The sole is also leather + highly finish'd + the heel is also cover'd in leather(matching)
"CHIE MIHARA" made in Spain
Size aprox 6 1/2

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

metal, stone, wood and acrylic

An entirely creative piece of all natural material wood beads, nut shells and brass pipe with brass closures.
circa 1960's

An Exceptional piece from the 1950s,s choker length, made from acrylic in beads of fruits, leaves and different shapes.
Cuts of stone and color in a great and chunky configuation.

Made from beads of amethyst and teardrops of glass.sits at the bass of the neck.
A beautiful piece dressed up or down.

Sexy slingback 

Slip-ons from the legendary and iconic house of "Emilio Pucci" Firenze, Italy.
This shoe, part footwear, part fine art.
Really, one could place the shoe in a glass box and call it art....

designed in the classic pucci line drawings and pop art colors.
Attention to every detail from toe to sole, these are an excellent representation of Italy's Pucci.

Slip-on stilleto open back Emilio Pucci(authentic)
Size 36(EU) 6 1/2(US)

Yeah, it's true, from a distance they could be similar to lesser brands but when you get close and touch it you feel total quality and they may last longer than you do.
Gorgeous, gorgeous.....
From "Alexandra Neel" and of course, as all high-ends go, made in Italy.
All of it in leather lined in suede.
Sexy sling back detail'd with a knot across the toes and stylized with a gorgeous heel in stilleto form.

Alexandra Neel
Size 36(EU) 6 1/2(US)

Slip-on espadrille wedge heel finished in suede,the lining inside leather.ribbon over stitching detailing the suede body. All in tones of beige and sand. .
The style is called "Tiburon".

Size 6

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