Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sexy slingback 

Slip-ons from the legendary and iconic house of "Emilio Pucci" Firenze, Italy.
This shoe, part footwear, part fine art.
Really, one could place the shoe in a glass box and call it art....

designed in the classic pucci line drawings and pop art colors.
Attention to every detail from toe to sole, these are an excellent representation of Italy's Pucci.

Slip-on stilleto open back Emilio Pucci(authentic)
Size 36(EU) 6 1/2(US)

Yeah, it's true, from a distance they could be similar to lesser brands but when you get close and touch it you feel total quality and they may last longer than you do.
Gorgeous, gorgeous.....
From "Alexandra Neel" and of course, as all high-ends go, made in Italy.
All of it in leather lined in suede.
Sexy sling back detail'd with a knot across the toes and stylized with a gorgeous heel in stilleto form.

Alexandra Neel
Size 36(EU) 6 1/2(US)

Slip-on espadrille wedge heel finished in suede,the lining inside leather.ribbon over stitching detailing the suede body. All in tones of beige and sand. .
The style is called "Tiburon".

Size 6

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