Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vieja 2010 s/s 『 Wah-happn shorts 』

Made of 1950’s fabric
Produced 6 pieces
¥16800(tax in)

Made of 1920’s wool linen blanket
produced 3 pieces
¥18900(tax in)

Made of 1920’s wool linen blanket
produced 2 pieces
¥18900(tax in)

Made of 1970’s poly jersey
produced 4 pieced
¥16800(tax in)

Made of 1950’s linen
produced 4 pieces
¥16800(tax in)

Made of 1950’s cotton curtain
produced 3 pieces
¥18900(tax in)

Made of 1940’s fabric
produced 4 pieces
¥16800(tax in)

Chill, Comfy.........and Style
It's all high-end fabric.

contact: info@vieja.jp

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring came out 2010

New stuff coming this week.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vieja 2010 s/s limited edition

It's not just one color.
Looking at more detail of green.
It's all texture.

There is specific color in every place.
It's because of they have own weather in each city and country.

I found different green color from a moss inside a cave in Japan.
It's very different from Toronto one.
The weather, moisture and dryness have never changed inside there,
even from ancient times.

People have different sense of color depend on where you grown up.
It's because of the color of nature, view and air.

This is my green color now.
I see green color like this,
even include white parts.

It's like my green color erode into your cell in body system.

This is texture but it's a color to me.

Photo @ 23 (Vingt trois) in Kyoto

Cycle coat (Blue cheese)
100% wool jersey
19950 yen (tax in)

Weekly jacket (Blue cheese)
100% wool jersey
25200 yen (tax in)

This is traditional dye from craft work in Japan.
It's just only 4 pieces produced.
The style of pattern is same but each piece has different face,
because this technique of this dye is just only one time.
It can't make same pattern again.

Function, practical and style.....all in.
thank you.

contact: info@vieja.jp

Monday, March 8, 2010

Vieja......2010 S/S COUTURE ☛One of a kind☚

Temporal axis.....
There is much beauty in each era.
It's style as trend and become a movement sometime...
They have original....and real there.

Material, Structure, and total design....
Everything came from our experimental work

Velvet ~Ha O Ri~
18900 yen(tax in)

Velvet ~Tail vest~
18900yen (tax in)

Velvet ~Ha O Ri~
18900yen (tax in)

Swallow tail jacket
16800yen (tax in)

Tail Jacket
25200yen (tax in)

Contact: info@vieja.jp

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly Jacket..........from "Vieja" Kyoto, Japan

How you look....
How you wear....
How you feel...
All design came from various scene.
There is true expression in it.
It's real and pure.

Weekly Jacket from "Vieja"

Black Nylon
18900 yen(tax in)

Green Stripe with flower embroidery

Wine red wool jersey

24150 yen(tax in)

contact: info@vieja.jp

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Relaxed Style and Great Design @ Apt909

American designer Rachel Sally offers up a super wearable and very flattering dress. Made of modal/spandex. Super comfortable daywear and perfect to dance, dance dance the night away!

Made in USA
Size sml


Very hot in the 1960 and 70's, caftans like this circa 1970's piece, were imported from Eastern European countries like Poland and Romania to satisfy boho-ethnic style choices of the day. Those were heady times my friends, when world vision became fashion. Like Dashikis from West African countries, Nehru jackets and gauze everything from India, the caftan was the cut of the cloth for those "Making the Scene".

This stylishly comfortable caftan is floor length and long sleeved, of wonderful quality cotton + embellished with colourful hand embroidery in silk.

This caftan + a head wrap and you're rock'n!

Size Free & Easy