Thursday, October 30, 2008

Christmas present for women .1

70's snakeskin saddle bag square.
All handwoven + handtool'd the skin is snake + the snake is natural, non-bleach'd python.
It's been woven in a cross hatching efect on the closing flap + the body, back + sides is larger strips of skin sewn together.
Because the skin is natural the shades of brown go from light to dark.
There is variation in color, but they all blend beautifully.

70's Louis Vuitton saddle bag square.
The body is made of classic "Louis Vuitton" treated canvas with LV logo through out.
The bag is then "hemmed" in a light camel color'd or natural leather this extends to the strap.

80's Gucci large envelope style handbag in deep navy.
Logo print on body with deep navy leather appt.s + straps.
Large spacious body. Sports classic "Gucci" fabric stripe across the front is mark'd by "Gucci" aprop.

80's Gucci deep navy shoulderbag.

Christmas present for men .1

60's tie pin
In silver tone metal + glass with a cameo style carving into a cabachon of glass of a unicorn.

40's cufflinks
this pair of cufflinks are extrordinary + special with beautiful inlay work with in yellow gold + pink gold in enamelling in darkest indigo. $55.00

50's lovely, elegant silver toned men's cufflinks remeniscent, of cufflinks made by tiffany's jewellers.

Absolutely charming. Beautiful old gold cufflinks from Canadian jewellers "BIRKS". They 're stamped.
Agentile oval shape with space for intialing.
Very old school in the design put together in three pieces for beauty, style + the wearers comfort. Very tasteful
Circa 40's $125.00

Blood stone, semi-precious quartz in a cabochon cut set in rodium (a gold plate on metal that never fades)
Circa 50's cufflinks $45.00

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Men's product news


Marc Jacobs suede heel+stud'd shoes

Because of the way this shoe is design'd it requires you to hold your muscles a gertain way,
making you extend your thigh muscle + your calf eventually creating elongated muscles...girls, elongated muscles.
From American design'd "Marc Jacobs".
In buttery soft "chalk color'd" suede with closed round toe,
great cylindricle suede cover'd heel + stud'd in burnish'd metal studs.
size 39 8 1/2-9

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Apt 909 hat catalog 3

70's gorgeous knit wool hat
Made in Italy by "Millinery imports" for Eaton's

70's fur cap made by "Maria"
The style with created for the run-way by Y.S.L worn with mink

50's handmade velvet cap
sits back on the head to cover hair

70's raccoon fur Russian style hat

40's German fisherman's hat by "Die Echte Roland"
perfect condition $50.00

Apt 909 hat catalog 2

60's fur-felt blend hat made in Italy for paris + Montreal company "Charmaine"
In a mustard base with black print an animal feel
perfect condition

60's 100% pure wool gypsy hat by "Creation A.L Paris" made in France

60's Andre 4 panel, 4 tone felt hat with grosgrain ribbon
black/white/cream/chocolate brown

40's silk satin + silk velvet gypsy fortune teller style hat
Made from one of great hat designer "Yvonne Woolgar"
Very high quality + super high fashion.

60's "Marida" for Lord+taylor made in england
the style is 1920's-30's, navy blue felt with navy grosgrain ribbon with white over stitching

Apt 909 hat catalog 1

70's acrylic knit cap, made in Japan

40's velvet tam $50.00

Fur cap, rich auburn brown with quilt'd inner for warmth + mount'd on a leather backing

70's Evelyn de Jonge metallic tam

50's Duxbak hunting cap from Utica, New York

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