Friday, October 3, 2008

"Still life" by Apt909 + Orange

PHOTO: Masaki Take, Stylist: Elizabeth Gondek, Ria Jones,
Hair and Makeup: Taca Ozawa, Shiho Fujiwara, Model: Natalia Mykhaylova, Aja,
Produce+Product by Apt909

70's chain metal necklace $250.00

60's geomatric pattern mini dress $80.00
50's bone necklace $250.00
70's brass cuff $35.00
60's Bottega heel shoes made in spain $50.00

60's made by conferioni Milano silk dress $75.00
60's french sunglasses $60.00
70's brass chainbelt $20.00
HELMUT LANG Gladiator style hi-heel shoes $95.00

70's INGRID CADO evening wear $180.00
70's brass necklace $60.00

60's Carlye day-dress $180.00
Early 20th century bake-a-lite brooch $180.00
50's straw hat $55.00
60's silk flat shoes $55.00
40's umbrella $85.00
60's beaded purse $60.00
60's trunk case $45.00


jacquieshambles said...

wow, very nice job. LOVE the hair and make up in first photo.

APT909 said...

thank you!! we will do more shooting!!