Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

1970's Frankenwalder silk dress

Ooooooh, this dress....By Italian line "trevira" + German design house "Frankenwalder" (Trevira, makes the fubric) is a
gorgeous representation of 1970's high fashion.
She will lay against the body beautifully in a sort of cling.
Constructed in panels of color with the dolman sleeve in a purple taupe + the body + skirt in black.
The neck line + cuffs are quilt'd + the belt is braid'd in black a + taupe.
size 36
$ 110.00

1960's-70's Chippewa engineer 9D boots from Mason

Great quality very good leather Chippewa engineer 9D boots from Mason in circa 1960's-70's.
Neoprene, oil-resisting sole by great sole company "armortred".
Neoprene heel also by armortred.
Leather condition is still pretty good.
Heel condition is amazing very tough stylish boots.
Please try us on you!!
Size 12 for boots

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vintage Johonson Brothers patterned "snowwhite" 16 p.c tea/coffee set

Vintage Johnson Brothers Patterned “Snowhite” 16 piece tea/coffee set. Beautiful Scrolling Leaves & Stylized Flowers against an orange-Red centre background. The Brothers didn't name many of their patterns, “Snowhite” is the name of the style of the basic white china the pattern is printed on. Base stamp reads "Snowhite, Q1, Johnson Bros, Made in England, Ironstone, ".
A Wonderful Vintage Pattern from the Brothers Johnson! 16 piece set $125

Friday, September 26, 2008

1940's Sangolaine original New look style wool jacket

Black wool with black satin detail at collar a shawl(ish) collar,
silk satin lined 4 buttons front closure.
size M
perfect condition

1940's indigo blue wool jacket

Again, another fine example of craftsmenship.
I guess thats why we can offer you.
Gorgeous color deep indigo blue in a wool + cut expertlly with the waist + bust cut in the pockets slit down the sidest are det with rinstone buttons. the buttons closing this piece are an exquisite det.
Cover'd + stitched det + finally a sort of chevron collar cuff fold up, match styling the collar.
size 12-14

Thursday, September 25, 2008

1950's Pendeltons suit 2.p.c

Red + navy tartan suit circa 1950's skirt with full skirt + jacket with rounded collar + tartan cover'd buttons,
100% virgin wool from very collectable "Pendeltons" made in U.S.A
size 8-10

Friday, September 19, 2008

1970's Deck shoes

The classic American shoe. The top sider in red leather lace ups in white detail with overstitching + sole.
From "Bastien" a Canada co.
Size 11

1970's Pierre Cardin tuxdo shoes

The classic tuxedo shoe from one of France's fav's Parisian "Pierre Cardin".
The tuxed shoe took on several incarnations, even a slip-on "mary jane" style but this style is much more masculine.
Black patent loafer slip-on. Very simple with little drum style tassels.
In mint condition size (M) 10 1/2
Circa 1970's-80's
$ 55.00

1980's Gravati for DAVIDS suede shoes

Everyone ( 909 people) responded the same way to this shoe, wow.
Not so much about the style, it's a lovely classic "fancy oxford" with tassled detail or the color, a really rich chocolate brown color + lined in a super soft buckskin with an outer of incredibly soft suede, or even when you look inside + see they are hand made in Italy by "Gravati" for "DAVIDS" the most expensive in Toronto for shoes + bags.
But it was the combination circa 1980's
size 10

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Men's 40's-60's scarves

40's virgin wool scarf made in switzland.

50's silk + wool blend scarf.Printed paisley pattern + fringed in silk by hand.
$ 55.00

60's silk scarf