Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comme Des Garcons 1992's riding tail jacket

Incredibly interesting design, from incredibly talented Japanese house "Comme des Garcons".
Every detail is attended to check out the lapels + the beautifully detail'd gather'd waist in loosely pleat'd tails borrowing from a men's turn of the gentry riding tails + very long, almost floor length tails.
Gorgeous fit through the bodice + a soft gentle "swoop"(line) from the lapels down to the tails (doesn't cut in at the waist),
just follows a lovely linefrom top + bottom.
Kathrine of "wuthering heights" couldn't of found a more beautiful riding coat with tails.
It is 1992's + is made completely in Japan.
Which indicated extremely high quality.
Size: women's M
36 shoulders
36 bust
Surface 60% triacetate 40% polyester
Lining 100% cupra
$ 850.00


jacquieshambles said...

Great find. LOVE CDG!!

APT909 said...

thaks! this is great coat!