Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vintage women's shoes

The quality of this shoe is unbellevable very flat soled in leather with a leather stack'd heel and line'd in an extreme soft leather in brown. The body is silk satin with gold flowers woven into the satin in a "mary jane" style shoe cut low across the foot.
Italian made + hand made for Barney's New York.
Size: 41 (9)

These are super sweet, mini malist leather shoes in a natural leather that's been stain'd in a chocolate with red leather piping detail. Side snaps at both sides. Rubber soles. These shoes are excellent quality + have many extras that give me confidence in this shoe. As I can't tell you who made them. But we love the simplicity of design these are really beautiful.
Size: 7 1/2
$ 55.00

Classic moccasins in white leather from the original American moc maker "MINNETONKA".
Slipper style with fringes across the toe + decorated in orange + black beads in the pattern of an eagle.
Circa late 70's, but the style is classic.
Size 6 1/2
$ 45.00

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jacquieshambles said...

Great shoes. I wish they were my size. Maybe I could squeeze into them hehe.