Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vintage Johonson Brothers patterned "snowwhite" 16 p.c tea/coffee set

Vintage Johnson Brothers Patterned “Snowhite” 16 piece tea/coffee set. Beautiful Scrolling Leaves & Stylized Flowers against an orange-Red centre background. The Brothers didn't name many of their patterns, “Snowhite” is the name of the style of the basic white china the pattern is printed on. Base stamp reads "Snowhite, Q1, Johnson Bros, Made in England, Ironstone, ".
A Wonderful Vintage Pattern from the Brothers Johnson! 16 piece set $125


suez said...

Is this set still available? I'm very interested. Please contact me. THANKS

suez said...

Not sure if you received my original attempt to contact you regarding the Vintage Johnson Brother 16 piece set so I will try again. Is this set still available. I'm very interested in buying it. Please contact me. Thanks SZ