Friday, September 5, 2008

70's-80's "Buffalo girl" look short boots

It gets chilly latelly. I think a lot people start to look for fall footwear.
We got new boots.....

70's logger boots
It reminds "buffalo girl" look from London's Malcolm Mcclaren + V.Westwood.
Very well made, and stylish......
size 7 1/2

70's Justin Logger boots
All grey leather + lace up in grey with little fringe detail at the toe.
great condition
size 8 1/2

80's granny boots
Very important look for the 1980's the "granny boots" in the black leather + made in spain.
size 7
$ 65.00

1 comment:

jacquieshambles said...

I hope these black boots are still available I adore them.
Thanks to you, I have awesome vintage Desert boots already!