Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We Thank You We Thank You We Thank You
Ria, Dai, Beth and Ron (R.I.P.) give thanks and praise to all the truly awesome people we had the great fortune of meeting at Apt909, many of whom have became dear friends. We will miss you madly and hope you find your way to Apt909 Fully Furnished at The Wallace Street Studios in The Junction Triangle.
It has been an ugly/beautiful, happy/sad 5 years. We would gratefully do it all again!
Love Beth, Dai and Ria XO

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We're moving!

We invite you to Apt909 Fully Furnished, a weekend salon beginning late November at the Maple Leaf Furniture workshop/studio. We will offer a mix of clothing, home furniture and accessories for home and body.
MLF is Located in Unit 111 of the Wallace Street Studios. 224 - Wallace Ave. at Ward Street - in the heart of the Junction Triangle (first light north of Bloor, first street west of Landsdowne) - right off of the Railpath.
Follow us on for now. That's where we will announce the opening day of Apt909 Fully Furnished as well as Apt909 events and our move to online sales. Still Looking for a retail space for spring 2012.