Thursday, July 30, 2009

1980's Gianni Versace

Oh, man.....
Ok, so this is how I remember Italy's "GIANNI VERSACE" a little kid, sitting in the doctor's office and checking out Vogue.
He advertised in American and always in the first few pages.Iman, Kelly Emberg, Andy McDowell and the most beautiful model of the 1980's Kelly LeBrock(check her out mid 80's U.S Vogue in Japan, still one of the most beautiful editorials ever)
Anyway...back to Gianni Versace. This piece has seen a lot of travel and made its way to me, via Milan to Tokyo, Tokyo to Toronto, into my waiting arms.
This gorgeous piece made in Italy by Italians,very talented seamstresses and tailors. Being a piece from circa 1980's and made in Italy, indicate its authenticity and that the piece is not subject to licencing(i.e the selling of name label to an outside party to produce under the bought moniker or name) or, being counterfeit.This piece was an ordered import from Italy to Japan,which definitely adds value to the piece.ok.
She's a gorgeous African violet purple. It's whole body made of linen, very fine, turn the dress inside out and see.
Is detailed in a cotton silk blend detailed with the pleats built in to the fabric creating a sherring effect across the body and covers one shoulder, the other, a very fine linen, the combination at the neckline creates an A-symetrical "V" shape, silk covers the body and linen continues into a pencil skirt that is detailed with a slit.
Well ladies, this is the real thing, excellent vintage, why?
It's made in Italy and designed by the late, great, Gianni Versace at the height of his career and before he was cut down on the steps of his own home....
I guess this is the stuff legends are made of.R.I.P.

Gianni Versace circa1980's

Size aprox .36(5-6)


Monday, July 27, 2009

Casual elegance from Christian Dior

The nice thing about this label is that no matter of the era the piece was well made with quality consideration of the materials. Lasting, even through licencing e.t.c, from French design house,"Christian Dior" circa 1980's lounge wear collection.

This piece is easy care. In a man made synthetic meant to mimic a silk crepe, and does a fantastic job doing it, especially for a poly product.

Hand wash and wear, hang dry.

In blue, red and green on a french vanilla, is printed in a batik style with an arts and crafts style detailing.

Size very long 5"8


Friday, July 24, 2009

Wonderfully blown glass for cocktails

Absolutely sexy!

Fantastic martini/e.t.c glasses, artfully hand blown. Each are slightly different from each other, but all with the "Prisoner Bubble" (60's TV reference). Beautifully balanced weight and shape. .

Circa 1970's chic...

Set of 2 coloured in a soft ocean blue $25; Set of 4 in clear glass $50

Monday, July 20, 2009

Great beauty from Tsumori Chisato for Issey Miyake

Apt 909 is tickled to offer this piece from the umbrella company "Issey Miyake", Japan's godfather of textile, design and production.

As well a being the creator of beautiful pieces of clothing, his company supported designer Tsumori Chisato's early 1990's efforts.

Her pieces are more works of art, as totally collectable as they are wearable.
Made of cotton with natural materials i.e leather,shell,mother of pearl shell, and hand painted in a water based paint.

Early 1990's

Made in JAPAN

Tsumori Chisato
under Issey Miyake

size 4


Sunday, July 19, 2009

What did Pew Wee Herman do in a Vintage Serial Killer?

American company Serial Killer (west coast), are not screwing around, which is why they are becoming some of the most collectable tees since 70's rock shirts.

The early days, 89-90 was a revival of grassroots....
Kids worldwide were working in their basements, and, if lucky enough, some storefront their uncle lent them.
Working in a vacuum, they started producing "Zines", self-published works from comic strips to art to....
Whatever /wherever they were passionate about.
All this work was pre-blog, pre-face book and e.t.c.
Not very trusting in terms of copy write detail, eventually a community was formed and trading began.
Many lucky young companies were born; slightly more current underground, creative and socially conscious works set a new precedence…

This tee, long sleeved cotton, in a heavier gauge is a beautifully faded indigo dye. And as tagged is "made at home" (in America). The subject matter, also very time sensitive as it was created in response to child entertainer "Pee Wee Herman" who in the early 1990's was busted at a movie theater, watching porn and masturbating.
As always, North America completely overreacts.
Some say it was a set-up.
This t-shirt, run out of the basement, makes this skater shirt very collectable.
Size M

Friday, July 3, 2009