Sunday, July 19, 2009

What did Pew Wee Herman do in a Vintage Serial Killer?

American company Serial Killer (west coast), are not screwing around, which is why they are becoming some of the most collectable tees since 70's rock shirts.

The early days, 89-90 was a revival of grassroots....
Kids worldwide were working in their basements, and, if lucky enough, some storefront their uncle lent them.
Working in a vacuum, they started producing "Zines", self-published works from comic strips to art to....
Whatever /wherever they were passionate about.
All this work was pre-blog, pre-face book and e.t.c.
Not very trusting in terms of copy write detail, eventually a community was formed and trading began.
Many lucky young companies were born; slightly more current underground, creative and socially conscious works set a new precedence…

This tee, long sleeved cotton, in a heavier gauge is a beautifully faded indigo dye. And as tagged is "made at home" (in America). The subject matter, also very time sensitive as it was created in response to child entertainer "Pee Wee Herman" who in the early 1990's was busted at a movie theater, watching porn and masturbating.
As always, North America completely overreacts.
Some say it was a set-up.
This t-shirt, run out of the basement, makes this skater shirt very collectable.
Size M

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