Saturday, February 28, 2009

Apt 909 2009 S/S L'ecole des arts....60's "Bobbie Brooks" dress

"Improvisation Music and Dance" Showcase
(9:00pm to 10:00pm)

Dancer Minae Omi (Japan)
Music Ana EQ (Japan)
Costume Apt909 + Shizue
Make-up Taca Ozawa
Projections Exploding Motor Car

Produce by Apt909

HaloHalo Exhibition
Tower of DJ
(6:00pm - 9:00pm)
Installation and projections by Exploding Motorcar
Here is Info!

663A x Multi's "Music Neighbour Vol 3"
(10:00pm to late)
Here is info!
Produced by Multi

Apt 909 2009 S/S L'ecole des arts....60's "Bobbie Brooks" dress

An amazing piece from American designer "Bobbie Brooks" + always made in the U.S.A. circa 1960's. Knit'd mini dress of Orlon acrylic in orange,creme mustard, detail'd with ribbing through the skirt + ribbed low creating a drop'd waist.
The upper bodice a gently fit'd short sleeve top.
The stripes are horizontal on this fine mini dress.
Aprox 7-8
On a tall gal, this piece would be outstanding.
$ 120.00

Another great piece from U.S designer "Bobbie Brooks" circa 1960's,
this tartan plaid wool in blue, black + white is a micro mini cut,
pinefore style, collarless, front buttoning + detail with 2 pockets at the hip.
The piece is fully lined with beautiful cutting. It's gently fit'd with a fantastic eye for detail. Size 7-8

Friday, February 27, 2009

Next week!! Improvisation music and dance on March 6th

Here is video of this event. Our name is there too!!

After March 6th, they have Film fort at same place "Urban space gallery"

"Screening Keita Kurosaka Animated Short Films"
Saturday, March 7
at 8:30pm-11:30pm
Urban Space Gallery @ 401 Richmond

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Improvisation Music and Dance show at HaloHalo exhibition + MUSIC NEIGHBOUR VoL 3

We have art performance at HaloHalo exhibition + MUSIC NEIGHBOUR VoL 3.

Location Urbanspace Gallery 401 richmond st.w.
Date&Time Friday, March 6,2009

Minae Omi (Dancer)
Ana EQ (Music)
Apt909+Shizue (Costume)
TacaOzawa (make-up)

Projections by Exploding Motor Car

Produce by Apt909

She is a contemporary dancer who does dance at this show. Her name is Minae Omi. This video is one of her work edited by Zensuke Omi.

They're another artist of this show. Name is Ana EQ.
They will play experimental trippy music with Minae Omi at show.
And it's all improvisation.
Here is their myspace. You can taste their work a bit.

HaloHalo Exhibition

EXHIBITION | March 2-7

Fiona Smyth, Michael Comeau, Andrew Zukerman, Jacob Horwood, Winston Hacking, Steph Davidson, Jesjit Gill, Randy Gagne, Michael Deforge, Ginette Lapalme, Jan Avendano, Tomas Del Baso, Alexandra Mackenzie, Deadweight! & Team Macho

Tetsunori (Japan), MIRUKI TUSKO (Belgium), Urban Inks (New York), Luke Ramsey (Vancouver) & Kilusan (Philippines)

Week long installation by Exploding Motor Car
Film Fort screening of Keita Kurosaka films
Celebrating the collaborative work from over 60 students in 2008


Music Neighbour Vol 3
(10:00pm to late)
All Night Music - Hiphop, RnB, Electro, DnB, House, Reggae
DJ MaA (Japan)
DJ PEGLEG (Canada)
DJ 108 (Japan)
NpCorona (Japan)
SoL (Japan)
Boze Tiger Fang (Japan)

Singers and Dancers showcase
O-Mocha (Full Circle)


Special Performer - Masia One

Friday, February 20, 2009

Apt 909 2009 S/S L'ecole des arts....flat women's shoes

Style + Function coat'd rubber sole + suede in a dark moss green slip-on style moc.
Good driving shoe from U.S.A design'd "Ralph Lauren" Size 8 1/2

At Apt909 we try to only buy the very best, so maybe our 'peeps' will get to rock that shoe that detail'd for 1000.00 bucks.
We felt this pair was one of these.
In ox-blood wine colour leather oxfords with punch out pattern on lace-up shoe with softly pointed toe + long body, from Italian shoemakers for men at "Massimo". The sole is all leather + the heel is stack'd leather.
Circa 1980's
Size 8 1/2

Very chic girl, tuxedo shoes in black patent leather + lycra find them a very elegant shape with the longer toe that comes to a soft almost squared + the heel is,-unbelievably, cover'd in patent leather + low detail'd with a grosgrain ribbon bow across the top of the foot.
Circa 1960's Size 7 1/2

Warm caramel brown leather lace-up from Canadian co. great vintage from "North Star".
Really cute "earth shoe" style with nice support inside.
Circa 1970's
Size 6

Super fab "Grasshoppers" circa 1970's.
Girls teal blue canvas top, 3 ring lace-ups with big brass color rings, cafe color'd laces,nice tough a hemp cord + rubber flat sole.
This is 70's vintage very cute!
Size 7

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Apt 909 2009 S/S L'ecole des arts....Giuseppe Zanotti chain shoes + Hogan shoesotti

Super super sexy chain mail in silver lined with diamont'e rhinestones with a 3inch heel + base in black satin finish evening shoe by "Giuseppe Zanotti" Made in Italy.

It's true about quality...You'll be outlived by your clothes.
I expect to see these shoes again 20years from now.
Smart slip-on from lux house "Hogan" + of course, made in Italy midnight blue + camel leather lining + leather cover'd wedge heel, aprox 3 inches.
Detail'd with fringe + leather tie on a closed toe.
Size 36 1/2

Sunday, February 15, 2009

European vintage shop"Libere" Shimane,Japan + 2009 s/s le'cole des arts "60's dress"

This is one of the greatest fashion spots in Shimane, Japan. "Libere" is located in Matsue, Shimane. They regularly get product from France. Every single piece of clothing, accessories & furnishings is carefully selected. This comfortable space has a really mellow atmosphere.

Great antique accessories + furnishings.....

420-32 Dairin-cho,Matsue-shi,Shimane-ken
tel/fax: 0852-24-3004

Apt909 2009 s/s le'cole des arts........"1960's dress"

A great example of 1960's young vibrant fashion.
All of a sudden, legs everywhere.
This navy blue knit mini length dress has a drop waist with built-in belt detail. Sleeveless, with a deep scoop neckline is gently + well fit'd through the body giving consideration to the waistline (for a change). The mini skirt comes to mid thigh + cuts in a slight A-line.
The skirt is pocket'd with 'U' shaped pockets in front + is button'd up the front in a brass "filigree"style.
The piece is made in the U.S.A by Sears, for it's actually quite hip line, "JR Bazzaar" that made fashions for young women taking its lead from the runways + streets to create an urban line circa 1960's.
Size 7-8
$ 65.00

Sleeveless, gently fit'd size 5-6. The black knit micro mini.
Patent leather in a "crumple" patent, details the entire piece in cross checks, on the buttons + the tab detail.
Loose A-line gently fit'd through the body circa 1960's

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Street style @ apt909 Feb,14,09

Before talking about street picture, we show another street picture.
We just got a picture from Japan yesterday.
It was awesome outfit. His name is sol.....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Apt 909 2009 S/S L'ecole des arts.....fitting room

Just want to go to outside.....

Footwear is I don't have to care about solt on snow....

It's such as nice weather....Hope it's close to spring.....

1960's OZ KNIT wool cardigan made in Italy $110.00
Anglomania poly dress Deadstock $200.00
1980's Dr.Martin 8hole boots $100.00

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cool film screening happening on tuesday...."FILM FORT"

This week, There is really cool even!
This is really crazy rare film that is screening on Tuesday Feb 10th at FILM FORT.
Date Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Location 888 Dupont St - Unit 108 Dupont St Toronto, ON
Time 8:30pm - 11:30pm

Here is trailer!!

Please come to see it! You can have great time for sure!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Apt 909 2009 S/S L'ecole des arts....1940's bolero + 1940's Japanese morning 3p.c

Circa 1940's bolero cut dress jacket.
Navy sequin'd body + tafta ruffle detail.
Size: small

This piece is a absolutelly + definitely one of the best vintage we've had the pleasure of presenting to you.
Circa 1940's hails from Japan.

In 1968 the Japanese goverment invited western style into the mix importing western cut clothes + textiles.
Of course, they were very expensive + only available to the very rich.
They were called "Youfuku", of course now everybody wears youfuku in Japan + The "Kimono" is few + far between + only worn by the very rich.

This beauty is 3 pieces, deadstock wool in black.
Pants, a jacket + vest. A wildly gorgeous piece. Sexy on girls or boys....


Friday, February 6, 2009

Apt 909 2009 S/S L'ecole des's accessory + 60's Valentino beatle boots

Vintage glasses.....40's handkerchief....
40's hand paint tie.....40's~60's cuff links......

Long, narrow slightly rounded toe makes this "Beatle boots" super sexy in white leather that has aged a bit, these have been produced late 1960's maybe early 1970's.

All leather includ. Sole with low square hell, flat + black the contrast is handsome.
This boots was made by in Argentina(one of the king countries of leather) by "Valentino". These are little 'V' bras logo on each boot.
The ankle run high giving a slimmer leg line
size 7-8(slim)