Friday, February 20, 2009

Apt 909 2009 S/S L'ecole des arts....flat women's shoes

Style + Function coat'd rubber sole + suede in a dark moss green slip-on style moc.
Good driving shoe from U.S.A design'd "Ralph Lauren" Size 8 1/2

At Apt909 we try to only buy the very best, so maybe our 'peeps' will get to rock that shoe that detail'd for 1000.00 bucks.
We felt this pair was one of these.
In ox-blood wine colour leather oxfords with punch out pattern on lace-up shoe with softly pointed toe + long body, from Italian shoemakers for men at "Massimo". The sole is all leather + the heel is stack'd leather.
Circa 1980's
Size 8 1/2

Very chic girl, tuxedo shoes in black patent leather + lycra find them a very elegant shape with the longer toe that comes to a soft almost squared + the heel is,-unbelievably, cover'd in patent leather + low detail'd with a grosgrain ribbon bow across the top of the foot.
Circa 1960's Size 7 1/2

Warm caramel brown leather lace-up from Canadian co. great vintage from "North Star".
Really cute "earth shoe" style with nice support inside.
Circa 1970's
Size 6

Super fab "Grasshoppers" circa 1970's.
Girls teal blue canvas top, 3 ring lace-ups with big brass color rings, cafe color'd laces,nice tough a hemp cord + rubber flat sole.
This is 70's vintage very cute!
Size 7