Sunday, February 15, 2009

European vintage shop"Libere" Shimane,Japan + 2009 s/s le'cole des arts "60's dress"

This is one of the greatest fashion spots in Shimane, Japan. "Libere" is located in Matsue, Shimane. They regularly get product from France. Every single piece of clothing, accessories & furnishings is carefully selected. This comfortable space has a really mellow atmosphere.

Great antique accessories + furnishings.....

420-32 Dairin-cho,Matsue-shi,Shimane-ken
tel/fax: 0852-24-3004

Apt909 2009 s/s le'cole des arts........"1960's dress"

A great example of 1960's young vibrant fashion.
All of a sudden, legs everywhere.
This navy blue knit mini length dress has a drop waist with built-in belt detail. Sleeveless, with a deep scoop neckline is gently + well fit'd through the body giving consideration to the waistline (for a change). The mini skirt comes to mid thigh + cuts in a slight A-line.
The skirt is pocket'd with 'U' shaped pockets in front + is button'd up the front in a brass "filigree"style.
The piece is made in the U.S.A by Sears, for it's actually quite hip line, "JR Bazzaar" that made fashions for young women taking its lead from the runways + streets to create an urban line circa 1960's.
Size 7-8
$ 65.00

Sleeveless, gently fit'd size 5-6. The black knit micro mini.
Patent leather in a "crumple" patent, details the entire piece in cross checks, on the buttons + the tab detail.
Loose A-line gently fit'd through the body circa 1960's


Kat George said...

The second dress is amazing! Do you have an online store?

P.S. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!


APT909 said...

No I don't have it. If you're interested in detail. you can send this email