Sunday, May 9, 2010

From pink ☞ green

It's time to change a color.

A plant started changing dress for the season
It makes beautiful visual.

Air started changing to mild
It makes people mellow.

People started to be smile
it brings happiness.

Summer is coming soon in Kyoto
Nature saying that
I also feel it.

New design coming soon.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vieja 2010 s/s 『Ha O Ri』fabric from Liberty

It's incredible silk cotton from "Liberty" of a traditional Japanese clothing,
it comes from Haoru which is action to put on clothing.

10 piece produced
green, pink 5/5
¥18900 (tax in)


Friday, April 16, 2010

Special day.......from Kyoto to Toronto.

It's grey in the sky.
This is not so good weather today.
Everybody has sick lately because of weather is very strange,
like up and down.....hard to control.

I think I'm happier and finer than anybody
in Kyoto today.....
I saw my Toronto's family today.
I really realized family is important.

I'm looking at sky
I'm feeling close to them.
are different
but it's close to me
it's already in my body.




Enjoying each happiness even small one.
Small one becomes big one to me.

I can run again.

Just got new my original design piece right now.
another new my design pieces


From Kyoto

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The voice of spring.

This is view
I always bike to studio.
I haven't noticed that much great view
a bunch of people did"hanami".
Hanami is like people have party under the tree of cherry blossom.
Hanami season is gone.
Cherry blossom started fallen.
Nobody there.
I think that's why the view attracted me.
Cherry blossom fallen even more look beautiful.
It's like a river of cherry blossom.
I wanted to jump to there.
It's beautiful.....this is it.
It looks spring is gone soon.
New season is coming.
I'll ready to open my door.

I will get a lots of new our collection in this week.
I can't wait to see them.

From Kyoto, Japan

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vieja 2010 s/s 『 Wah-happn shorts 』

Made of 1950’s fabric
Produced 6 pieces
¥16800(tax in)

Made of 1920’s wool linen blanket
produced 3 pieces
¥18900(tax in)

Made of 1920’s wool linen blanket
produced 2 pieces
¥18900(tax in)

Made of 1970’s poly jersey
produced 4 pieced
¥16800(tax in)

Made of 1950’s linen
produced 4 pieces
¥16800(tax in)

Made of 1950’s cotton curtain
produced 3 pieces
¥18900(tax in)

Made of 1940’s fabric
produced 4 pieces
¥16800(tax in)

Chill, Comfy.........and Style
It's all high-end fabric.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring came out 2010

New stuff coming this week.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vieja 2010 s/s limited edition

It's not just one color.
Looking at more detail of green.
It's all texture.

There is specific color in every place.
It's because of they have own weather in each city and country.

I found different green color from a moss inside a cave in Japan.
It's very different from Toronto one.
The weather, moisture and dryness have never changed inside there,
even from ancient times.

People have different sense of color depend on where you grown up.
It's because of the color of nature, view and air.

This is my green color now.
I see green color like this,
even include white parts.

It's like my green color erode into your cell in body system.

This is texture but it's a color to me.

Photo @ 23 (Vingt trois) in Kyoto

Cycle coat (Blue cheese)
100% wool jersey
19950 yen (tax in)

Weekly jacket (Blue cheese)
100% wool jersey
25200 yen (tax in)

This is traditional dye from craft work in Japan.
It's just only 4 pieces produced.
The style of pattern is same but each piece has different face,
because this technique of this dye is just only one time.
It can't make same pattern again.

Function, practical and style.....all in.
thank you.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Vieja......2010 S/S COUTURE ☛One of a kind☚

Temporal axis.....
There is much beauty in each era.
It's style as trend and become a movement sometime...
They have original....and real there.

Material, Structure, and total design....
Everything came from our experimental work

Velvet ~Ha O Ri~
18900 yen(tax in)

Velvet ~Tail vest~
18900yen (tax in)

Velvet ~Ha O Ri~
18900yen (tax in)

Swallow tail jacket
16800yen (tax in)

Tail Jacket
25200yen (tax in)