Saturday, January 31, 2009

Apt 909 2009 S/S L'ecole des arts....8hole Dr.Marten's + 70's sneakers

The 1970's saw many changes,
politics,the social climate + Religon,all affect fashion(gone) going, going...
Flower power, free love + sharing usher'd out by short choppy hair,pierced faces,tight drainpipe pants,ankle boots that came to a sharp point affectionally called "cockroach killers", + tight skinny, probably ripped somewhere, t-shirt...oh, and motorcycle leather, black...
Welcome 1980's + "Regannomics", "Thatcher"izm, "The Age of Aquarius" has "no future".

Punks + skins + they revived the Dr.Marten, a working class boot.
These are from "Dr.Marten" + are of course, British.
They are an 8 hole piece. The base color is an airbrush'd or "spray paint" look red + has an (60's style) illustration in black of London type things.
Circa 1980's
Women's size 9
Men's 70's sneakers.....

What a color!! Circa 1970's
ADIDAS, or....As we'd say in high school, "All Day I Dream About Sex"
The name of the shoe is "TRX" + made in West Germany nylon uppers with suede,a beautiful blue + detail'd with lemon yellow stripes.
size 10

These beauties are from "Puma"(the proud owners of Tretorn) + are circa 1971 mesh + suede running sneaker with waffle out sole + original 100% cotton shoe laces.
In shades of blue they are a totally collectable.
Size 10 1/2 + circa 1971.
Wicked then, wick'd now.

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