Saturday, January 24, 2009

Art of vintage clothing house "Hello/Texas" in Tokyo,Japan

One of the foremost fashion spot "Harajuku,Tokyo".
There is a vintage clothing store where is first specialty store of vintage t-shirt in japan.
The name is "Hello/Texas".....

It's located "裏原宿(off Harajuku st)" where is mecca of mecca of Japanese street fashion.
They opened in November 2008 with a concept that vintage t-shirts are a kind of Pop art and should be enjoyed by wearing.
1970's-80's graphic t-shirt that have been exhibited and selected from around the world.

They have many t-shirts from different genres including music, sports, motorcycles and movies. Fits are coordinated with current styles. T-shirt graphics and material are always carefully selected.
Like a curated gallery, 60 t-shirt pieces have been carefully selected.
This new space is constructed from old materials and takes into account the original dimensions and its with influence with music and art.

Displayed on the wall is a 1964 MARTIN D-28 and a 1958 FENDER MUSICMASTER.
Their artistic atmosphere is totally different from a regular vintage clothing shop.

101 Maison Harajuku
4-25-3 Jingumae,Shibuyaku
Tokyo,Japan 150-0001
Open 11:30 Close 19:30
Phone: +81-3-6804-1147


Jimmy J said...
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APT909 said...

this guy has really good taste!!
If you have any plan to go to Japan. check them out!

Anonymous said...

i have always been a big fan of vintage t-shirts. i love wearing them. thanks for bringing it into my attention.
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