Monday, January 5, 2009

l'ecole des arts.....2009 S/S Apt909 selection

We started to select new our product of 2009 S/S.
In this time, we follow concept "l'ecole des arts" to select product.
We focus Material,color and silhouette.
Material(infomation of coming from skin)-------------> Sculptor
Color(pattern of a fabric,balance of the color)---------> Painter
Silhouette(shape of a clothing,function,structure)----> Architect
We show type of poncho,cape a-line "silhouette" and great "material"and"color"today.

1940's-50's Mexican wool Jacket. Pockets + cuffs all embroider'd in black.
Size 7-8 $125.00

1960's blanket coat from Lapp Lander. It's made in Scotland by Johnstons of elgin for Fiord Cliffs. 100% virgin wool. Size M $140.00

1960's oatmeal with brown sugar color'd wool poncho.
Size free $75.00

1960's wool wrap poncho. Wraps around the shoulders + neck into a large luxurious scarf.Size Free $50.00

1950's-60's blue tartan cape. It's reversable in red. $110.00
1950's wool + cotton blue tartan gloves. Made in England. Size 7 $45.00

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