Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentine's day gift....1970's "il faro" sweater dress

One of my fav's, sweater dress, circa 1970's.
We have two, from designers Claire Haddad from America + il Faro from Italy.
This piece from "il faro" in wool with rust color gradations.
The collar,cut in a 'V'shape, in chocolate ribbed large 'V'.
It's actually a diamond shape with one of the points opened over at the (K) neck line + detail'd with a knit brading + tassle.
The sleeves are long and fit'd with ribbing at the wrists.
The body of the piece is long + gently fit'd along the body.
The knit woven "stripes" are vertical + slimming and comes mid calf.
Size 3-4

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