Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentine's day gift....1940's silksatin crepe dress by "Crane Abrams"

Oh my goodness.....
Everytime I look at this piece,
I can't believe myeyes perfect vintage.

The neck is high + round,
the shoulder pad'd + sq + the silvers
long fit'd + then at the wrist 5 cover'd
buttons with loop closures.

The bodice is loosely fit'd to hip
where you will find two pleats detail
in middle front at waist detail
in middle front at waist + falling down
wider + looser.

The skirt is long + ample of fabric
but still hangs straight + slim + comes
to point + middle front.

Circa 1940's from designers,
tailor'd by "Crane Abrams"
in a silksatin crepe that has
a woven pattern of dancers in formal
dancewear all over the dress.



Kim Gail said...
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APT909 said...

thank you! It's very unique detail!

jacquieshambles said...

what a beautiful dress.... i want to try it on!!!