Friday, January 29, 2010

Future Heirloom from Fab Toronto, circa 1980

An amazing little art work of art.
Made by Toronto artist, A.S., circa 1980 (signed + dated) + purchased at Toronto's select shop, "Fab".
"Fab" was one of Queen St. West's most important + stylish select shops, dictating what Toronto's fashionista would be wearing, if you could afford to as Fab's prices were totally unreasonable.
I had several friend's who either worked there, or tried to get work there, for the discount. Peter the owner was generous and gave staff 50% off or even sometimes for free. He wanted his staff looking great.
"Fab" is definitely one of the reasons Queen St. W developed the way it did, making the street one of downtown's more expensive rents.
They showcased Toronto's artist when few others would, allowing for this piece to be seen + bought.

This piece:
Made from outer pocket watch casing + inner watch parts, The piece was created using found objects, i.e clock guts + acrylic dancing girl.

The piece would serve you well mounted as art rather than being worn as a pin + could be untilized by everyone that way.

A very special little work of art.
1980 Artisan
Clock Sculpture work

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