Friday, July 25, 2008

Vintage high-end tie!

It's not even to see it.
It's to feel it. That's the color.
We've been looking for that color.
You can see color that the eyes can't catch.
That's a "aura"....
That color makes you comfortable, powerful, beautiful, stylish.
2nd skin......
I think so many that color exsit on something.
On the building.... On the ground.....
We keep looking for this color on the fashion.
These are that color on a "tie".
Please come to feel them.

1940's dog hand painted tie
100% silk
$ 85.00

1960's Yves Saint Laurent silk tie

1960's Yves Saint Laurent silk tie

1970's Liberty flower pattern cotton tie

1975's Liberty flower pattern wool tie
$ 65.00

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