Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hurray! Kenzo comes to Apt909

A rare find from Japanese designer, Kenzo Takada.
The "House" of Kenzo is in Paris.
He opened his first shop in "The City of Light" in 1970, decorating it with jungle prints + wild animals and named it "Jungle Jap". Obviously the kids loved it and its fresh spiritedness, inspired by traditional Japanese shapes and design sensibilities.
Maybe Kenzo is hard to find because of the classic rich colours and shapes, or the excellent quality of manufacture that allows a piece to have a long lifetime. Hard to say, but what is easy to say, Kenzo rocks!

Kenzo also specializes in knitwear, producing eclectic comfy looks.
This entirely sweet sweater is made in rich Kenzo colours. Typical of Kenzo, bright spring & summer, rich fall & winter.

He creates simple cuts that are embellished by the weave. The full zip sweater is gently fitted to the waist, with long sleeves and a high-necked collar.

A very comfortable piece in an excellent weave of wool that creates a butterfly texture that still holds its shape when cleaned.

All the incredible style is in the combination of pattern + colour choices.

Made in Italy of 80% wool, 10% rayon, 10% acrylic.
Size 3-4

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