Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stopover in the place of assembly for gods, Izumo - Dai from Japan

I just came back to my home town.

When I arrived there, I saw very interesting happening.

There is the hardest rigorous aesthetic exercises once a year in mountain of east Japan.
A lots of monk come to these exercises to develop themself from all over Japan, they live in mountain for 100 days and just doing aesthetic practices.
It's not like just aesthetic practices, as long as being in edge of mentality they can find out something the people don't see usually.

So many monk are given up this rigorous aesthetic exercises in way because it's very hard training like 2 hours sleep everyday, chanting under the water fall and breaking off eating.

It is hard as much as monk vomits blood.

This time, one of monk was successful in rigorous ascetic exercises and he could come back from there.

It's about once 50 years for this temple where this monk lives.

It's very rare to see this happening.

Coming back to treasure hunting....
I went to place where I went to often when I was kid.
I found interesting stuff......

Treasure hunting trip still carrying on.......


Markus said...

yeaaaahhh dai!!!

i miss you man, keep updating us, i want to hear about your adventure time.

peace and love from toronto


jane smith said...

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