Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweet and Sexy Lingerie for your Special Lady

Apt 909 wants to help you make your Valentine's Night memorable. We selected lingerie that's sure to help make it happen! Come in and see our full selection of tempting pieces, including deadstock (never worn) from La Perla, Natori and more.

This is a devastatingly sexy piece! Completely transparent embroidered black lace.

The pattern cast on the body with shadow and light play creates the exact amount of distraction to increase the attraction.

The prettiest part is the bikini-bra top 1/2 fitted gently over the body + each curve closes with a side zip. The cut gives the body lovely, slim, long lines.

Circa 1980~90's.
From American company C'EST BON, we're sure you will agree.
Size small.

This fantastic piece is for true lovers of vintage.
Circa Early 1900's, this sweet piece of cotton lingerie - a part of the petty coat - protected one's delicate skin from heavy, rough fabrics.

Gentle sleeveless blouson bodice cinched at the waist + detailed with cotton lace.
The buttons are carved out of mother of pearl.

Ohhh.....the unbuttoning!

Truly, one of my favourite eras, the 1960's.
Italian lingerie is extremely sexy, particularly from "Giulietta", a label Apt909 is thrilled to offer again.
It's always interesting, modern + very sexy.

This piece in black on black is nicely cut in a mini-full slip, and is inclined towards a gentle A-line. The bodice is a crossed over bra top with a gorgeous high waist. It's detailed in lace running along all the edges, under the bust, and down the front to create a long, sleek, slim core.

Materials: nylon and acrylic lace.

Falls to the top/middle thigh.
Hot, hot, hot!
Size 34 bust
Aprox. 3-4 dress

Ode to a Grecian Beauty

A very fluid, very beautiful baby doll style, created in a heavenly blue silk chiffon, fully lined at the bodice. with high princess waist.
This dress is about the details. Small pleating, clean and sharp across the bodice & throughout the top. Around the back, more added detail - tiny milky blue acrylic buttons.
So well made!

There are no markings anywhere so I have no idea, except that the quality makes me think its pretty high-end.....but whatever it is, it's very lovely.

Aprox A 3/4

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