Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Le Catalogue des Cadeaux pour Hommes d'Apt909

This bag is Canuk winter rugged! Extremely well made heavy leather with a quilted lining to protect your top. Satchel or backpack, the straps are there for both. Made in the Great White North by Rugby.


Wow....where have you been?
From "Hickok" makers of all details male.
Circa 1910's-20's. Made of bronze with a "B" in script.
Hickok was a man with a vision and good taste who brought mens accessories to America in a big way.

He created the "Hickok Belt" Award. Made from alligator, with a 50k gold buckle and a 4ct. diamond, it is given yearly to America's best male pro athlete. Some notable reciepiants: football legend Jim Brown was awarded it in 1964; golfer and all round sauve guy, Lee Trevino wore it in 71; and the truly infamous O.J. Simpson got away with it (the belt of course, in 1973)!

Buy it first + figure out what to do with it after.
It's so wicked.
Hope I didn't bore you to death

These beauties are unsurpassed in quality. From iconic men's footwear crafters "Daks",in bussiness since 1834. These are hand or bench made. the leather sole is stitched to leather upper. England circa 1960's-70's....
For us, in menswear anything vintage from England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland is a real treat.

In exceptional condition.

Size 11

This great piece, circa 1960's, is heavy on the "Hermes vibe". Made by American company Hickok in the U.S.A.
Excellent quality.
Made of brass.


From circa 1960's, starring one of golfs biggest stars, Lee Trevino.
The sport's most interesting cat, the public loved how he always made them a part of the event. This is a 3pc set from golf star, Lee Trevino. Manufactured by iconic "Hickok" in business since the 1800's.

Always well dressed, a total fashionista, I'm quite sure Trevino is partly responsible for the next gen's wearing very fashionable threads on the courts & greens.


This is a magnificent little pin that has a lot of life.
It would be great on a tie especially.
Probably Scottish,this remounted new pin has a design of the world. Seed pearls & amythest top the Scottish thistle + the piece is NO;RD 6



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