Sunday, December 6, 2009

Le Catalogue des Cadeaux pour Femmes d'Apt909

Azul blue aurora borealis crystals with a singlar blue sapphire mounted in the very centre. The mount is designed to let light through as you would a precious stone.
Worn as a choker, it will be stunning! Circa 1950's.

Again, girls
This is collectable there is no more.

A modernist piece from American company Park Lane.
Established in 1955, this company prided itself on producing high fashion jewellery affordably and sold it through the "party plan".
Materials appear to be layers of metals, dipped in bronze or copper + rhodium for goldtones.

An awesome pin, "Big City Skyline" can also be worn as a pendant.

Light skin leather + pony skin purse with brass detail closure.
The leather is carved into patterns, expertly made in Mexico circa 1950's-60's.
Many women collected these souvenir pieces. This one was bought on a trip to Mexico by our friend's grandma.
We loved the bag so we bought it.

I've had a few of these beauties, and this is one of the best.

An amazingly detailed little clutch bag, adorned in tiny seed beads and sequins in beautiful bronze, coffee, shell and gold with a brass zip.
Circa 1920's-30's could be slightly older. But the zip invented mid-1800's wasn't embraced by fashion until 1920's-30's.

Lovely, small, hand strung. No markings but very delicate.
Made as if it were art, not fashion.

Back in the day, we women had some incredible skills. I promise you, this sweet tiny beaded clutch purse, with little navy or gold flowers all over, was made by female hands.
Circa 1940's

Beautiful little work of art.

I love this piece soooo much so I sat with it, I carried it around in my pocket.
Its the perfect little "Happy Pill".
Circa 1940's

In brass, embellished with a little poodle with enamel finish & a pink crystal eye.

It plays music still.

I am in love with the shape of these earrings! It reminds me of shells or the big flowing skirts of flamenco dancers.
These clip-ons were so well made + are in good condition, with a bit of wear (patina). Fab.

Everything about these earrings should have a creator. Signed Hm.An.Enigma

Circa 1970's
Tie pin or hat pin in an acrylic coated photo print surrounded by a heart, all metal rhodium coated goldtone.

Can't you just hear the waves and seagulls...

Classic, collectable vintage.
An initial pin, very well made with actual tiny pins holding the piece together.


These pierced earrings bear the image of the godess the ancient Egyptians called "Ba". She symbolized in essence, your personality that continues after death. In the day the Ba would make itself useful, then at night return to the rightful owners tomb.
An amazing prospect!

A very beautiful adornment!

An excellent piece for the love that has everything, a Rhodium plated circa 1970's key chain. Detailed with huge crystals at each end. One end unscrews, keys slip-on.
I think this fab!

A piece great for a guy or girl.

Cameo screw-on earrings circa 1930's-40's.
Brass backs with a bake-a-lite nicely detailed profile cameo in black & cream.

Tres romantique!

A very elegant pin!
Brass filigree background, red enamelling flanks a great orange coloured resin stone.

Circa 1930's


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