Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vintage tuxedo jacket

This is one of the most chic tuxedo-jackets I've had the pleasure of representing from French designer "Pierre Cardin",
Who left Christian Dior to go solo in 1950's. He set up operation worldwide in the 1960's + this piece is made in the U.S.A.
So...would probably be circa 1960's juding from the label + style of the label. It's also "sign'd" on the inside breast.
Made from very high quality wool in the black, the collar has design elements of the shawl collar + also a classic mens suit.
Collar + rounds out beautifully in a bit of "horse shoe"
The collar is also black + made of silk.
The button is cover'd in a matching silk satin.
2 side pockets + a breast pocket for a pocket square +a button hole in the lapel.
No back split + a mens size 40R.
although, seems to fit smaller so if you're 38 that can work.
$ 350.00

Truly fine men's formal vintage. Today, this piece wouldn't exist without a designer's label + price to match.
His body is a fine wool in black silk, shawl collar a tuxedo jacket with 2 side slit pockets at the hip + one breast pocket for a pocket square (in a silk pref) + one button single breasted style with back slit.
size 38 s
$ 325.00

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