Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vintage silk patchwork vest......."STILL LIFE"

An incredibly interesting vintage re-make, for a few reasons.
Remodelling vintage became very popular mid 1990's this vest was created in the 1960's.
Check out the details this piece is a wool vest in brown pinstripes + back'd in a light quality rayon with ajustable back.
It's cover'd in strips of dif. Color'd + patterns of silks.
Each stripe is beautiful vintage silk + silk velvet.
The buttons are made in "BAKE-A-LITE" which is very valuable + collectable.
Bake-a-lite being a prodact that with available until the early 1950's a precursor to plastic.
But made from natural mat + only available in limited colors + incarnations.
Size 40-42

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