Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun & Sporty COMME des GARÇONS at Apt909

One of Japan's most important names in exportable fashion + highly respected worldwide, from Tokyo, Japan, Rei Kawakubo's COMME des GARÇONS. Interestingly the name translates to "like the boys",
which at that time, late 70's early 80's, it was," like the boys" in Japanese fashion. But this was non-traditional design, she redefined the norm in womenswear in the west as well as the east.
Draping the body with a different consideration of body line and shape. Initially misunderstood, she became iconic in status and has influenced many young designers of the day.
She is a goddess.

These : black suede & rubber Mary-Janes with silver tone metal buckle. Made in Japan (she has a team of expert seamstresses and shoemakers)
Size 8

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