Friday, September 4, 2009

Apt909 Fall Boot Collection - Great style from Justin and Laredo

The classic vintage work boot worn by ranch hands, called "Roper" boots by vintage devotees in Japan. Made in the U.S.A. for both men and women. Apt909 has selected leather boots from these lines that offer up loads of style that will last a lifetime!

Put these boots to work for you. The LAREDO BOOT CO. in Nashville, Tennessee puts hard working feet into tough, authentic western styling. These durable kiks are right at home on the ranch or the mean city streets. Timeless style for the working man or woman who wants a lot for their hard-earned money!

Perfectly worked in natural tanned leather, leather heel and sole
Size Womens 6 med wdth

2 Pairs of Laredo Lacers in Rich "Aged Bark" with stacked leather heel and sole
Sizes Mens 6 approx. / Womens 8 1/2 med wdth;
Mens 5 approx. / Womens 7 1/2 med wdth

A favourite vintage brand in Japan and of Apt909, JUSTIN BOOTS began in 1879, repairing boots for the cowboys who rode the Chisholm Trail. The company settled in Ft. Worth TX in 1925. Their boots are known world wide for their quality and dependability. When you buy a pair of Justin boots, you buy with confidence because Justin is a name you can trust to deliver the very best!

Justin Lacer in "Copper Caprice" with added Western detail and leather heel
Size Mens 6 / Womens 8 1/2 med wdth

8" Justin "506" Classic Lacer in Black Kiddie Leather. All black leather from the sole on up!
Size 6 men/ 8 women "B" width


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