Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sporty footwear from Dries Van Noten

This absolutely fabulous Italian-made shoe is from Antwerp’s Dries Van Noten. An excellent and extremely stylish combo sneaker/bowling shoe (nice job of reworking a vintage idea). The shoe is leather and canvas with orange-red embossed leather detail at the ankle, and a sole of leather and rubber. Great style from on of the hottest of the new wave of Belgian designers!

It says size 37, but will probably fit a women’s 40 or 7/8



jacquieshambles said...

Beautiful! What an amazing pair of kicks, I can hardly believe they are in my size too.

APT909 said...

jacquieshambles come on down kid! your the next contestant! thanks for checking .we love that you love what we love.if theres anything special that you want let us know and we,ll try to find it for you.hope to see you soon