Sunday, March 22, 2009

Natural Fiber Inspired Purses

Wheat coloured fabric clutch, chic and elegant, super modern linen fabric clutch with mother of pearl buttons and satin piping details embellishes. The buttons are attached with gold thread circa 1950, in mint condition.

Straw coloured natural woven grasses circa 1940-50. Small, soft body with brass twist toggle closure. Handheld, simple and clean for the summer. Lined.

Cane process patterned hard-bodied hand held handbag circa 1950. Covered in cane, normally reserved for chairs. The fifties enjoyed new strange materials and used them freely. The piece is beautifully detailed with brass fancy snap closure and fins. An all time fav at Apt909.

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Casie Stewart said...

OMG! Love. Mum has a couple similar bags to this from New Zealand. You can find them there made by the Maori's out of flax. They are beautiful and last forever.I must come in soon!!

Example of a big flax bag: